Thread Lift

A facelift is a serious surgical procedure that requires general anaesthetic. It typically involves a number of weeks of recuperation and can result in scar tissue. A PDO thread lift is an obvious alternative to the facelift as it is carried out in a sterile clinic situation under local anaesthetic and no hospitalisation is required.

Tiny needles with threads are inserted into the skin during a mini-thread lift treatment. As the needle is removed from the skin it leaves behind the thread, acting as a scaffold. Counteracting the negative effects of gravity, a network or “mesh” of threads supports and tightens the skin, combatting looseness and sagginess. This procedure is effective in the treatment of a number of areas such as jawlines, double chins, jowls, necks, under-eye bags and smokers’ lines.

Threads are made of polydioxanone (PDO), which is regularly used in surgery. This safe material has no side effects and does not cause allergies or rejections. Even though the threads dissolve naturally into carbon dioxide and water in six to eight months, the results of the thread lift are visible for 12 to 24 months.

Immediately after the treatment, the tension created by the threads combined with fluid retention under the skin produces a visibly-lifted effect. As the threads stimulate collagen, fibroblasts and the skin’s oxygen supply, a more considerable improvement to the skin is apparent in six to eight weeks. The skin begins to look smoother and younger as lines, wrinkles and pores reduce in size.

A strong topical anaesthetic cream is applied one hour prior to the thread lift procedure to help minimise any pain. The sensation experienced during the thread lift is a slight stinging, similar to that of an acupuncture treatment.

Depending on the area being treated, a thread lift tends to take between 40 to 60 minutes. Around 50 to 70 threads are used to treat the entire face and the patient can resume daily activities such as driving straight after treatment. Bruising is likely and, depending on individual responses, a recovery period of three to seven days is typical. Make-up can be applied after thread lift treatment.

Prices also include a review and top-up appointment six to eight weeks after the initial treatment.